Our Mission

ARTraiders in a  contemporary art online magazine focusing on the current British art scene. Our goal is to provide art collectors and enthusiasts with news, advice, discussion, and analysis of contemporary British artists, artistic movements, galleries, and exhibitions

Our writers help readers to perceive, interpret, and judge artworks for themselves and make informed decisions on investments for collections or single home decoration art pieces. By providing thought provoking content and keeping ahead of the artistic curve we hope to bring you the latest news and reviews from across the industry. Helping to identify up and coming artists worth your time, enjoyment, and investment.

How we define contemporary British art

Banksy Designed Vest Stormzy
Stormzy wears a stab-proof vest during his Glastonbury festival performance designed by urban artist, Banksy (Image: Leon Neal)

Our artistic niche covers the contemporary British art scene, British artists, or British based artists. So, what determines a British artist or piece of British contemporary art?

We are at a time where the country is in political turmoil and we live under a dark cloud of uncertainty. As far as we are concerned, any link with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland will suffice for our criteria. Whether you are a young artist from Edinburgh who has move to Canada for years to carry on your work. Or you grew up creating art in Gambia before moving to London to continue your work, then we got you all covered.

National identity can often be personal choice and we would not label an artist as British just through geographical location. We will try our best to honour your chosen identity. If we do unintentionally mislabel the flag an artist chooses to paint under, please contact us and we will happily update our articles.

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We are always interested to hear from artists, art enthusiasts, industry professionals, galleries, or art journalists who have a story they would like us to publish.

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