Are you passionate about British contemporary art? Do you have a story to share about your local or national art scene? Have you got an idea that will move the industry forward and challenge our readers? Become a member of the ARTraiders community and inspire artists, collectors, critics, gallery visitors, and art historians with your passion and experiences. We are looking for new writers. Write for us!

write for us

What we’re looking for

You don’t need to search the ends of the earth for an idea that will redefine the art industry. You just need to bring our readers a fresh voice and perspective on a contemporary art scene topic of your choosing.

We will accept a rough first draft of your article, or an article outline summarising the article purpose and content . The more information you give us, the better we can understand your proposal and make an informed decision about publishing your work.

We only publish original work. This means we will not publish work that has been posted elsewhere, including your own website or art blog. If you want to write for us your submission must be completely original.

The article should be anywhere between 800 – 3,000 words, with 1,500 words being our sweet spot.
Have some connection with the British contemporary art scene.
Be written in British English.
Have an original, active, and human voice.
Should not be just a list of tips and tricks.
Feel free to provide your own photographs (you must have permission to post the photographs).

How to submit your article

Email us your submission. We prefer submissions in Word or Google documents format. You may also send us a plain text file.

Our editorial team will review your submission and determine whether it has potential for publication and will contact you if we wish to proceed. If you do not hear from us within 14 days, your article has not be accepted.

It is rare to find an article that is ready for publication immediately. If we like your proposal and wish to move forward, the editor will be in contact with you to discuss how to progress your article to publication standard.

This process may require you to revise several drafts before it is finally accepted. We will work with you to achieve the final draft.

It is very rewarding to have your article published regardless of your experience levels. Thousands of your peers, buyers, critics, and publishers will read your work.

Commercial opportunities

For galleries and business owners we can offer a sponsored post or article based advertisement.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.